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Crypto Games

CryptoGames! The future of the Gaming Industry!

Since I joined this crypto world I’ve been hearing a lot about blockchain-based games!

CryptoKitties on ETH opened the door to a wide range of blockchain based games! The revolution is just starting! In a span of 1-2 years, we already have awesome games like @drugwars@steemmonsters@eosknights, CryptoZombies, My Crypto Heroes and HyperDragons!

All of these games come from non-financed developers! Most of these games were done as a hobby! Imagine what a team of professionals could do with the right funds! Imagine if EA, Ubisoft, ArenaNet, Blizzard, etc… came to the blockchain space and actually created a blockchain-based game with a good amount of funding! The possibilities!

Fusing blockchain with games will allow new markets to open up! A market where you actually own pieces of the game! Imagine, you kill an NPC(non-player-character) and the item that drops is a legendary unique sword! A sword that only 50 exist with a weekly increase of 1! The rarity and the demand for that sword would be huge! And it was actually yours! You could sell it for STEEM for example, and get money for it!

Or even better! Imagine if you could own parts of the land and rent those parts to other players or groups! You could actually earn passive income just by renting pieces of digital game land! Just like you would do in real life! Digital-Landlords?!

Do you think this is way too far fetched?! It isn’t! It already happened some years ago! Before blockchain was around! In a game called Entropia!

Entropia Universe is a massively multiplayer online virtual universe! Where people can buy and own land, they can build on their land whatever they want and earn money off of it! Let me give you a real example! Neverdie was an Entropia Universe player that bought a space station, he built a casino and shopping on that station and changed the name of the station to Club Neverdie! Each time someone made a purchase on that station he would gain a little amount of money in fees! When the game was massively played he was making 200.000$ per year! Just for owning that station! And is just one example from many just in the Entropia Universe! Watch thisyoutube clip to see the top examples!

All of this happened before blockchain, in 2003! Before this whole revolution started! With blockchain, this whole digital game market would become a lot easier and more fluid! Instead of using game-illegal shady third-party websites to trade we would be using cryptos and smart contracts! We would have a digital exchange just for game-items! We would be getting passive crypto income out of renting a space station in the game! Or maybe renting a legendary sword!

Being a non-pro gamer could actually become a job! Where people farmed for items and sold those items for crypto! Just like those WoW Chinese farmers did some years back!

For the people that can’t remember or don’t know, when World of Warcraft first came out there were hundreds of Chinese farmers that did the same exact thing day in and day out just to farm gold! That gold would then be sold for actual cash via a third party website! It was against the rules of the game but it was very profitable!

Brock Pierce, one of the most widely known crypto enthusiasts and EOS-enthusiast started his entrepreneur career in this space! He created Internet Gaming Entertainment (IGE), a company that paid in-game farmers to farm items that would, in the end, be sold for real-life cash! This company was then later sold to another crypto enthusiast, early miner, and COO of the crypto WAX Jonathan Yantis!

At this moment in time, it’s calculated that billions of dollars are traded in in-game items markets per year! Imagine what will happen when blockchain makes this whole market more fluid! Imagine all of this money flowing into the crypto market! The use-cases that we will get! Imagine owning planets, countries, ships, houses, cars, armies in-game! Imagine being paid for helping someone in Dark Souls! Imagine renting your planet to an evil Space Galactic Corporation that is fighting an Alien Federation of United-planets! Imagine getting paid by the alien federation to “evict” the Space Galactic Corporation from your planet!

Of course, these “rents” would have to have a smart contract associated with them, in that Smart contract they could have a prevent “eviction” mechanism or at least have an X number of days warning period before the eviction actually happens! You would be a true digital-landlord!

It will be a revolution! It will bring lots of use cases! It will create jobs and markets! It will make the whole financial gaming system better! It will make games more enjoyable! More treacherous but also more fun!

Imagine players actually entering guilds and corporations, going up the guild ladder, helping out the members and getting rewarded for doing this! Or maybe they are going up the ladder to find out where the “deed” to the Guild’s Castle is… in order to steal it! Or maybe to find out who the true owner of the castle is! In order to blackmail or coherence him to betray the guild!

The possibilities of blockchain based-games are endless! People that don’t understand how great it will be to own a piece of digital data won’t understand this! Steemmonster? DrugWars? Those are both great games, but the true power of blockchain based games is vastly superior to that!

One of the main reasons I changed degree from Veterinary Medicine to computer science is, among other things, because I want to build blockchain-based games! I know that this will be the future of gaming! We will finally have some sort of evolution in the gaming industry! We haven’t had any in years! The only “evolution” we had in the last couple of years in the gaming industry is the stupid MOBAs and the damn Battle-Royales… Which I’m freaking tired of!

We already have some good smart and hardworking developers joining the space, I would advise anyone to go look at @edicted blog about drugwars and how they could make the whole battle system better!! And this is only the beggining, when the development of games starts to shift from the old system to the new system that is when this whole space will get crazy!

Just wanted to end by saying that, in my opinion, we got some gaming cryptos that we should pay attention to:

  • Enjin – Known for creating forums for almost every game around, it already has a huge userbase that can shill their crypto, also has a Minecraft plug-in and is working on a ARK plugin!
  • EOS – Activision Alums Raise $16 Million to Build EOS-Focused Blockchain Game Studio!
  • STEEM – Of course! We lack development and dapps, but we have something that is probably the best weapon in the armory for blockchain based-games! A freaking strong crypto community that adopts and uses every game! Marketing inside the crypto space! Enjin has the userbase but they aren’t crypto-users! We are… One single shill from the top authors of STEEM and a game is pushed in a few hours to the top of most used dapps!

I’ll also keep an eye on ETH, NAGA and just found out about WAX because of this post, so I’ll have to do my own research about it…