Make online money
Make online money

1 – Open an account Coinbase (exchange) and use the affiliate system (share your link later on social networks)

Coinbase Exchange

Coinbase is a very safe and easy-to-use exchange bank where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

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Then you can convert to Bitcoin if you want.

2 – Open account Binance (exchange) and use the affiliate system (share on social networks). Click here

Binance Exchange

Binance is also a secure exchange, with more features than Coinbase and more currencies to buy and sell.

3 – Create a Steemit account and start earning crypto with posts.

Steem Platform

Steemit is a blogger platform where the content you generate will be rewarded with the Steem currency which you can then send to Binance or Coinbase and convert to EUR or DOLLAR.

4 – Use BRAVE browser to earn BAT cryptocurrency (crypto wins with ad preview). Download

brave browser
Brave Browser

The Brave browser is undoubtedly one of the fastest for viewing webpages on the Internet and it also has an internal system that blocks advertisements.

5 – Have a site associated with Brave publishers where you can receive tips for creating content.

brave rewards
Brave Rewards

6 – Coinbase Earn you can learn about some altcoin technologies and you get a reward for watching the educational videos.

coinbase earn
Coinbase Earn

Here you can earn $50 in altcoin EOS which you can then transfer to your bank account in EUR or DOLLAR.

Click here and start watching educational videos lasting about 2 minutes to earn cryptocurrencies.

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