the ones of us who stayed got to experience the birth and growth of the Tribe System which was developed by @aggroed and @yabapmatt, in cooperation with @harpagon.

This allowed many Tribes to pop up.

  • Some of them were short lived as they had no real purpose or plan to build and grow something different;
  • Some Tribes promised a lot but withered away, as their founding members went silent (LifeStyle is the one I was really hopeful for…);
  • Yet, a few Tribes actually managed to survive and have plenty of active members. The ones which are more attractive to me are, in this order: Reggae SteemNeoxian City and Creative CoinSteem Leo is doing an incredible job too, but investments and markets are topics I rarely post about;
  • Just a week and a half ago, a new Tribe appeared to focus on Political content: Talking Point; Again, not a topic that I post about but I can see its importance to the overall community. Many people here publish about Politics and they will feel right at home, in this Tribe. I hope it does well.

On top of this, @steemchiller revamped his Steem World to use Tokens, too, in addition to Steem and SBD… and added the functionality of claiming the rewards from every token at once, as well as staking them all with a single click, which is a lifesaver! And time saver, too!

How to Check Your Voting Power Across the Tribes

This is something that some people, even though they are active in several Tribes might not know:

  • Your Voting Power for each Tribe is independent;

This means that, if you are upvoting several posts a day and only a few for each Tribe, it’s likely that your Voting Power in those Tribes is being wasted without you realising it.

I’ll use some Tribes as example. By using the tool Steem Scotview developed by @blockchainstudioyou can see your Voting Power across the several Tribes. Just replace “trincowski” to your own username and the name of the Tokens from the Tribes you use the most:,NEOXAG,CCC,LIFESTYLE,LEO,POINT,PAL,TUNES,SONIC

PS: Remember, this link needs the name of the Tokens, not the Tags nor the name of the Tribes.

If you did it right, you should be looking at something like this:


If you don’t know how to change the settings for the various Tribes votes, it’s very likely that most of your Voting Powers are sitting at 100%.

What do I mean by change the settings for the various Tribes votes? 

A visual example will show you.

Do you notice that, in the picture above, my STEEM Voting Power was 91.88% and my JAHM Voting Power was sitting at 100%?

Let’s see what happens when I upvote one the comments from my friend @dmilliz in a post tagged with the #jahm tag, with just 5% of Voting Power in eSteem:


As you can see, even though I only wasted 5% of my STEEM Voting Power, bringing it down from 91.88% to 91.83%, the Voting Power for JAHM dropped from 100% to 98%.

My Vote in STEEM:


My Vote in JAHM:


How to Maximise Your Tribe Upvotes

Now, I’ll show you how easy it is to configure this. Just grab the same link from before and remove all the Tokens except one:

The page will now look like this:


On the bottom, at right, you can see that I highlighted “Vote Weight Multiplier: 20”

What this means is, that my Vote in STEEM will be multiplied by 20 in the Reggae Steem Tribe. So, my 5% upvote gets multiplied by 20, giving a total of 100% (5 * 20 = 100). Pretty easy, wasn’t it?

To make life easier, just bookmark the several links from the Tribes you use more and bookmark them. Keep an eye on the bars and fine adjust your Vote Weight Multiplier until you find the perfect balance.


You don’t need to use whole numbers but it seems that 20 is the maximum multiplier you can use. For example, in PAL, my Vote Weight Multiplier is set to 1.75:


Well, that’s all for now… if you were paying attention, you should be able to start making a better use of your Votes across all the Tribes, without worrying that your Steem Power will drop too low.

Nevertheless, feel free to make me any questions, if you have any doubt how to properly configure it.