Machine Learning and exchanges
Machine Learning and exchanges

We, humans, are amazing, we truly are! Our brain works more or less like a computer, you feed it data it solves the issue and an answer comes out… There is just one difference between computers and humans that makes humans far better. Computers don’t learn and become more efficient… Or at least they didn’t.

Machine learning, the path to the future, the path to true Artificial Intelligence! With Machine Learning computers become more efficient at solving issues with each data that someone feeds them. With each passing moment, they become more and more efficient at solving the issues they were designed to solve.


Machine Learning tech is the most basic form of artificial intelligence (AI), just like blockchain, it’s a tech that is developing at a fast pace and is spreading far and wide! Healthcare, self-driving, spying, gambling, trading, war… Machine Learning is starting to tackle all the issues we have in our society, with each passing moment it becomes faster, better and able to predict what is going to happen minutes, hours sometimes days! before it happens.

But why am I talking about this? Well, because machine learning is being used in one of my favorite exchanges, OceanEx.



OceanEx is the main exchange for the VeChain ecosystem, one of my favorite ecosystems, all the VeChain projects seem to have what I love in cryptos, cashflow! Cashflow that pumps the tokens 24/7… Once all the gears start to move I’m sure the VeChain ecosystem is going to be one of the top ecosystems in cryptos… Cashflow is king!

OceanEx security system is one of the top anti-hack systems I’ve seen so far, why? Because they use machine learning, AI, to increase the exchange’s security to levels never seen before!

With OceanBrain they are able to monitor mass amounts of transactions and can pinpoint bad actors easily and fast. This decreases the probability of a hacking attempt by a lot and decreases the likelihood of the hacking attempt to succeed. But what if they succeed?


Well, OceanBrain has that figure out too! By feeding the AI with lots and lots of data OceanBrain can predict trading trends, with this information OceanBrain can predict the least amount of crypto to have in the hot wallet to allow trading. In the case of a hack, the hacker gets low amounts of cryptos because the only cryptos in the hot wallet were the ones to allow the trading and not the whole exchange’s portfolio! Only a crazy hacker would take this high-risk low-reward bet.

Incredible isn’t it?


I’m very excited to see what AI is going to tackle in the future, especially in the healthcare sector… Imagine AI plus those crazy surgical machines, humans would stop being needed, the AI would be able to do the surgery much faster and better than any human doctor!

Protein creation done by AI, graphene creation done by AI, our society will become faster, better, healthier, AI will be a great field to invest in, I can’t wait to meet our new AI overlords…

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OceanEx has a token too, called OCE, but so far I haven’t seen enough attractive things that make me want to diversify into it… maybe in the future when more features come out I’ll make a post about it.