JIEYI Technology Partners With NULS
JIEYI Technology Partners With NULS

Jieyi Technology will create an application to provide it’s customers with blockchain-based domain name services and has NULS as it’s blockchain solution. The upcoming domain name application will officially support NULS address-binding, including domain name registration, purchases and renewals. The application will also support NULS payments for customers making purchases in the application.

In addition, the cloud-based blockchain wallet integrated with Jieyi Technology will access the NULS ecosystem to support both storage and NULS payments. Nabox, the NULS mobile eco-wallet provider will also be integrated to assist with promotional materials and domain transfers.

Reference: https://medium.com/@nuls/jieyi-technology-partners-with-nuls-to-provide-blockchain-based-domain-name-services-3c498cca894a