Steemit Portugal Cryptocurrency
Steemit Portugal Cryptocurrency

The project of all Portuguese users on the Steemit platform has arrived! The cryptocurrency that the Portuguese love.


This project has as main objective to promote the sustained growth of the Portuguese community in the Steemit platform, with the creation of a community account for the benefit of all members of the Portuguese community.

The @steemitportugal account will be used for the benefit of the community, so that all members benefit from it in an equal and balanced way.

The idea behind the project

At the beginning of 2018 the following channels were created: Telegram Steemit Portugal, Share Portugal and Discord Portugal with the aim of bringing together all the Portuguese who use the Steemit platform, in order to share ideas and help all the new members. Over time, the community began to gain strength, and with it, we all grew.

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discord steemit portugal

Operating mode

Taking into account the strength of a united Portuguese community, the idea was to create a community account, which belongs to all of us, and to vote in all members of the community, thus increasing the income in the publications of all members.

A daily vote will be given to the articles of all members of the community, so as to encourage the creation of content in the community. The content can be written in Portuguese and English.

stemit portugal

Abusive content (articles of a sexual nature, offensive …) are removed from the community account. Our goal besides raising the rewards of all of us, is also to encourage the creation of more content in the community.


The community account will have the support of its members in the growth of the SP, which will later be used for the benefit of the community.

Any member, in solidarity, may delegate SP to the account, thus increasing the voting value given to all members (Value of Community vote 5% +% vote of the delegation).

By voting daily in all members of the community, the account will receive curatorship, which will increase the SP and the respective votes.

Delegation system

  • All users of the Steemit Portugal community will be entitled to equal 5% voting.
  • Those who delegate to the Steemit Portugal account will have an additional% of the SP delegated to the account.
  • The Steemit Portugal account will only give a daily vote to each user.

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  • February 2018 – Telegram Steemit Portugal
  • March 2018 – Discord Portugal
  • April 2018 – Share Portugal
  • June 2018 – Integration between Discord Portugal and Share Portugal
  • August 2018 – Platform Portuguese SteemPT
  • October 2018 – Creation of the Steemit Community account in Portugal
  • November 2018 – Dissemination and start of the project

United we are stronger!

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