You’ve come to Steemit now and you don’t know where to start and what to do? So do not waste any more time and follow this tutorial!

How to create account in Steemit?

To create an account with Steemit go to the registration page here

You have two registration options:
– Free registration
– Paid registration

signup steemit

In the free registration, you will be able to create account for free but you will have to wait a few days … Between one to two weeks.

In the paid register, you can create an account immediately but you will have to pay 3 STEEM.
There will be several options for creating accounts (Blocktrades, SteemWallet, AnonSteem, Steemconnect and Steem.Ninja. Either of these options allows you to create an account immediately.

I already have an account with Steemit, and now?

Now that you have an account, you will have to create your first article.
We recommend that your first article be your presentation. This article is very important because it is through him that you will get to know the community.

Create an article where you talk about yourself, your motivations, hobbies, etc … The important thing is to introduce yourself …
To create your first article, you must insert the following tags (#introducemyself and #introduceyourself). You can add up to 5 different tags.