steemit wallet
steemit wallet

Transferring Steem to other users on the Steemit platform is easy enough. You must have in your Steem wallet available to send to another user on the Steemit platform.

Go to your user’s menu and click on the wallet option.

After being in your wallet you will have to go to the Steem section, which is where shows the coins available for download. Click the Transfer option.


Clicking on Trasnfer will present a popup in which you will have to fill in the following information:

  • To: Here you enter the name of the user account to whom you want to send.
  • Amount: The value to send. You can send me Steem or SBD.
  • Memo: The message that will appear in the user’s wallet that will receive the amount of Steem it will send.
  • Next: You will have to authenticate with your active password to confirm the shipment of the amount of Steem and SBD.

Authentication screen to confirm sending of Steem or SBD.